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Looking for an at-home strength program that will have you building muscle but not leave you totally exhausted? 

The majority of female-specific “at-home workouts” are focused primarily on conditioning. That type of training will definitely make you sweat and get the endorphins going, but it won’t build any strength or muscle (which is what keeps the body tight and lean).

Through my personal athletic and clinical experience, I've noticed women respond better with higher repetitions in the 15-30 rep range instead of the typical 8-12 rep range, which works great for men. 

Strength is a 10-week dumbbell program with 5 days of strength work, 1 optional conditioning day, and 2 active recovery days. Expect it to take about 30-45 minutes depending on upper or lower body. 



Equipment needed:  Dumbbells, Bench

*NOTE: There are no videos associated with the exercises, but all exercises are standard and can be found on Google/YouTube.

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