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Looking for a more intense strength training plan to tone up and lean out faster?

Those of you that know my work know I'm an expert in how the female body burns fat and builds muscle. I'm not only up to date with the science, but I've experienced it first-hand with myself and my clients. Here's what you need to know:

Women respond very differently than men. We burn fat differently. We build muscle differently. And we should be honoring those differences. Two major differences women need to keep in mind when it comes to building a lean physique:

1) women respond best to high repetition strength training. Most traditional male-derived programs use 8-15 rep schemes. That's great if your focus is on building strength, but if you're looking to build a tighter physique, then you'll want to focus on building muscle.

2) Rest and recovery is critical, especially the older we get. I suggest you pick at least two R+R activities (see list below) to do every week. Everyday would be better.

This program is all about building LEAN muscle for women. 

Time requirement:  1 hour per session

Equipment needed: Traditional globo gym equipement (squat rack, pullup bar, dumbbells, bench)

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