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Journey Back To Self Worth Practice

Journey Back To Self Worth Practice

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Do you struggle with putting yourself first? Do you always find yourself putting others first? Do you constantly feel the need to do more, learn more, look better, and take care of others in order to feel enough?

Lack of self worth is a BIG topic that is often the thing that's standing in a woman's way from achieving the body and life they want- and they don't even know it. So many women have misplaced their self-worth in working harder, looking better, and doing more for others that they have no time to take care of themselves. 

You cannot create a fit mind and body if you don't feel worthy of the time to create it. This mindset practice will help you identify the mental blocks that are standing in the way of putting yourself first, and how to overcome them. 


- In-depth discussion on self worth and how we misplace it

- Guided questions to help you identify where you've placed your worth and how to take your power back.

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